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Breast augmentation is the procedure of choice for women who are looking to increase their breast volume, improve symmetry, and enhance body proportions and contour. Most women choose breast implants, which are artificial inserts that are filled with silicone or saline solution. For women who are looking for a less invasive alternative, fat transfer breast augmentation (natural breast augmentation) is an increasingly popular choice. This procedure offers a more natural feel and appearance while also reducing the risks associated with artificial breast implants. During the fat transfer augmentation procedure, plastic surgeons remove fat cells from other areas of the body and inject it into the breast in order to achieve the desired size and shape. Many women who receive this cosmetic treatment enjoy higher self-confidence and improved quality of life.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many treatments will I need?

It is not uncommon for the body to absorb some of the fat transferred to the breast area. For this reason, some patients have touch-ups in order to achieve the desired breast size and shape. Many of Dr. Tessler’s patients are able to see excellent results in just a single treatment. This is because the surgeon has an artistic eye and works extra hard to meet your expectations in the best way possible.

Will there be scarring?

During breast fat transfer treatment, tiny incisions will be created on the breast. These produce virtually no visible scarring. If you are concerned about scarring during your cosmetic treatment, make sure to bring it up with Dr. Tessler during one of your pre-op consultations.