It is one of the latest injectable treatments intended to treat various signs of aging or other cosmetic issues. These are derma-friendly, thus are safe to use. Plump up your thinning lips, decrease wrinkles or shadows under your eyes or enhance certain areas of your face with Dermal Fillers.


At first the selected area will be cleansed with a good antibacterial agent. To reduce the pain of the treatment, anaesthetic ointment or local anaesthesia is given with an injection in the specified area. This can feel like a little prick on the skin. Although this will not make the process painless, however, it is intended to make it more tolerable.

The injecting the fillers take few moments for each selected sites. The process continues with injecting, massaging and evaluating the result in respective areas. Additional substances are provided if required. The process may be completed within 15 minutes or may extend up to an hour, depending on the number of sites to be treated.

Once satisfactory result is achieved, the area will be cleansed off any marking. Ice pack is provided to reduce swelling or any discomfort. You may feel little tenderness on the treated areas for one or two days that does not require any medication.