What does the OXYGENEO facial offer?

1.Immediate results which you can notice after one session
2.Bohr effect to naturally oxygenate your skin from deep within
3.Relaxing and soothing
4.Infusion of powerful natural active ingredients that penetrates into the skin
5.Long-term skin appearance and texture improvement

Extensor tendons, located on the back of the hand and fingers, allow you to straighten your fingers and thumb (see Figure 1). These tendons are attached to muscles in the forearm. As the tendons continue into the fingers, they become flat and thin. In the fingers, these tendons are joined by smaller tendons from the muscles in the hand. It is these smallmuscle tendons that allow delicate finger motions and coordination.

The OXYGENEO facial involves five different treatments, which have been developed keeping in mind a variety of skincare requirements. These five treatments offer a comprehensive approach to ensure that your skin is made healthy, youthful, and bright. It also uses OXYPOD, which is a product required to efficiently and effectively offer your skin the benefits of active ingredients. These ingredients are available in the OXYPODs in dormant states. The product does not include any preservatives, chemicals, or dyes either. The OXYPOD ingredients only become active when the treatment starts, ensuring freshness, safety, best performance, and longer-lasting effect.