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Scar Revision

When physicians discuss a scar revision, they are talking about a cosmetic surgery that is used to return the skin to its natural appearance. This is a surgical procedure that is employed after either a traumatic injury, major surgery, or other wound has left a deep scar in the skin that patients might want revised. A scar revision surgery can also be used if a prior scar revision surgery did not deliver the desired results. There are multiple types of scars that might vary from the natural skin in regards to elevation, texture, tone, or color. This procedure can be used to revise the scar in a number of situations to bring the skin back to its natural look.

What Kind of Scars can be Revised?

This is a common question and the answer is that all scars are candidates for potential scar revision. Types of scars include childhood scars from injuries on the playground, scars left in traumatic accidents, and even scars that result from surgical procedures. While scars might vary in their length or texture, every scar is a candidate for revision. With this in mind, this doesn’t guarantee that the results of every revision surgery will be fully restored to its native state and every potential surgery is handled on a case by case basis.

How Is a Scar Revision Procedure Performed?

There are a variety of ways that a scar revision procedure is carried out and every method is discussed on an individual patient basis. Options include topical treatments, minimally invasive surgery procedures, and a complete surgical revision with full wound closure. All of these options will be reviewed with the patient and the patient and surgeon will work together to find the best surgical option to meet the needs of the scar. Factors will include the scar type, size, and location as well as the patient’s overall health..